Is it cool if I use assets (free or not) from somebody else on my personal projects?


Today I just want to take stock of this question since I have met few people either on internet or in person who were asking it.
Basically they want to know if companies are okay with this kind of practice.
When you are working in a company on a professional project you will probably get tons of library objects or texture or so and of course if you need you should probably use them but for personal projects that’s a little bit more complex.

Here is my reply:

Actually there isn’t only one answer for it. It isn’t all black or all white.
First of all I would say the most important thing is to be honest with your community. Depending of the proportion of your work is made by using this kind of assets you should be clear about it. Let’s say that half of your final image is done my using assets that’s you don’t work on it, I think you should tell it. However if you use a library of hardsurface alpha just to make little details which doesn’t make any big difference you don’t have to be very precise by telling from who you get these alphas or whatever and you could just says « details or made by using alpha). Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s always nice to credit who made these or those assets you have used but you don’t have to do it with obligation.
Also be aware that’s when you buy an asset or library there is probably some « licence rules » with them. Read them carefully otherwise you could get some troubles.

Best advice:

As I say often, if you know how to do it you don’t need to do it however if you don’t then you should make it yourself and learn.
You will spend more times but acquiring new skills isn’t a waste of time 😉

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